Dessert Table Projects

Dessert Table has been a popular and compulsory item in various party events, especially at kids’ parties. It’s become the center attention to represent the theme of the party. The host and guests will most likely take the most pictures around this corner, whether it’s behind or in front of the table. It’s the most festive and decorated area in the whole party room.

Do you need creative touch on your or your Party Dessert Table? or you simply need assistance to provide and arrange the lovely desserts for the guests? You can count on us!
Although this is quite a new service that we provide but we’ve done quite a number successfully.
At the moment we’re only providing this service around Jakarta area. However other possibilities are open to discussion.
Whether you’re having the party at home, function room, restaurant, or outdoor by the swimming pool, it’s possible to have dessert table as one the spots at your party.

Some notes to consider:
1. Our Dessert Table service must be ordered at least 1 month before the party date.
2. You need to order at least 5 different desserts from us (list provided upon request). We provide homemade or repackaged desserts/snacks, such as tart cake, cupcake, cake pop, lollipop, chocolate bar (usually KitKat), shaped cookies, mini pao, mini burger, jelly/pudding, sweets, pop corn, cotton candy, etc. You may place your request for new items.
3. You may have your own snacks / dessert to put on the table, we can help arranging them.
4. It’s much better if the table is already provide at the venue. However we offer table rental if necessary.
5. Other optional items for Dessert Table are backdrop banner, custom table cloth, balloon arrangement.

You may check some of our previous works on Dessert Table here.

Please personally inquire to us get the price list.


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